About MY students



My students struggle.  They had trouble learning the letters of the alphabet in kindergarten, reading in first grade, answering questions in second grade, taking tests in third grade and writing in fourth grade.  They forget to bring home their jacket.  They work hard but…

My students misplace their journal for language arts.  They copy down part of the homework but the page numbers are missing or illegible.  Their backpack has papers from September but not the science book they need to study tonight.  They try to remember but…

My students listen but don’t always hear.  They hear, but don’t remember sometimes.  They know it’s important to focus but wait, who just walked by our classroom.  Teachers tell them tells them to try harder.  Their parents tell them to try harder.  They study but the grades….

My students are great at soccer, drawing, karate, the Rubic cube, or singing.  but think they are failures, like their grades.  They feel discouraged, and don’t understand why school seems so easy for everybody else.  They want someone to see they really are trying, but it’s just not working.

My students may not learn the same way anyone else in their class  learns but they are not failures!  They need a teacher who can help them regain their self image by teaching them they can make progress and be successful.  It doesn’t happen quickly and it isn’t easy but what can be more worthwhile?


Working one-to-one gives me the flexibility to teach each child in ways that work specifically for them.   I provide truly differentiated instruction that allows them to enjoy learning  and experience progress and success that doesn’t happen in the classroom.  

Together with you, we can build on your child’s strengths and strengthen your child’s weaknesses.  Get ready parents, better days are ahead.


I’m Lynn Wilson, a northeastern girl at heart, who lived in Dunedin, Florida for 25 years.   My husband and I now reside on the edge of the Everglades in Pembroke Pines, Florida,  with two of the sweetest dogs in the world.  I am a mother, a step-mother, a grandmother, and a recently retired ESE teacher. 

My formal teaching background is in Deaf Education with a Masters in Reading, ESE Certification, ESOL Endorsement, and Autism Endorsement.   I have 27 years of teaching experience in public schools in New Jersey and Florida, and  seven+ years tutoring experience.



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