Book ‘Em once,  

Book ‘Em twice.

Daytime, nighttime,

Books are nice.




Books for babies in the cradle,

babies held in your arms, and

babies sitting in your lap.

Read to them. . . Book ‘Em.

From the moment your sweet babies and grandbabies are born. . . 

Book ‘Em.

 Make it a real book, they can touch and feel and turn the pages.   

What Happens

When You Book ‘Em ??


1.   Your baby is feeling secure and loved.

Your presence, your touch and your voice are familiar comforts to your little one.  This is special one-to-one time. You are meeting basic needs that humans  require to survive and thrive.  


2.  Your baby is listening to the sounds of language.

You are introducing the sounds and patterns of language.  It will take time for your baby to understand that the sounds have actual meaning.  For now, baby enjoys what they hear. This is just the beginning of associating language and love.  Communication comes later.  

3.  Your baby is learning to look and listen.

They see pictures and hear stories about puppies, trucks, hungry caterpillars and numbers. 

You are enlarging their world, introducing vocabulary, language, literature, math, science and social studies. 

You are making learning fun.

4. Your baby is using their senses and developing motor skills.

One day, they reach for a book.

Of course, they put it in their mouth. They put everything in their mouths.

I guess we could say they develop a taste for books.  Chuckle 🙂 

 Later on they will turn pages and point to pictures.  

 5.  You and your baby can enjoy yourselves. 

It’s fun to hear sing-song rhymes, make the sound of a firetruck  and laugh when you find out where that little lost kitten has been since page 3.   

Treasure this time together, for the moments are special.  

If Book ‘Em is old hat for you, and you’ve been reading to your baby or grandbabies, that’s great!

Aren’t you loving it?! 

Your little ones associate books with love, language, and fun.  

That’s a strong positive connection and a powerful start to their future learning.

If Book ‘Em is a new idea, get yourself a sturdy board book that can withstand some chewing, get ready and  . . . . Book ‘Em

On a personal note: 

I’m a new grandma!

My grandson has been read to from the “cradle.”

As early as 3 months old, he looked from page to page as they read, so we knew he was the smartest baby in the world.  🙂   

At 9 months he pulled books off the shelf and flipped through books himself, looking at pictures and tasting here or there

Now at 15 months, he has his preferred favorites.  

He walked over to me with Brown Bear, Brown Bear for the third time this morning, climbed in my lap and settled in for a story…and I loved it!

I don’t want to miss any great Book ‘Em titles, so if you send me an email naming a favoritepr two, I’d like to list them on my website as BOOK ‘EM titles. 


If you know the author’s name and whether the title it is available as a board book, for the wee ones, that would be helpful also.