Tutoring  sERvices


Tutoring with a Smile offers a free One-Hour Consultation.

This gives parents an opportunity to meet me, tell me about their child and ask questions.  

As a teacher who may work with your child, I am most interested in:

  • What your child is like as a person (strengths, hobbies, favorite things etc.)
  • Any testing or recommendations the school or                  classroom teacher has made
  • What your expectations are from our tutoring sessions
  • What your child’s expectations are for this school year


Future sessions can take place in either your home or mine. 


Parents are encouraged to be nearby during tutoring sessions. 

     First and foremost, this is for the well being of their child.

     Secondly, the greatest  progress can be made when parents           understand  the teaching methods, activities and language used during instruction, and practice with their child at home.